The Inspirations that Feed into the Current Range of Marco Bicego Jewellery

As all goldsmiths are fully aware, inspiration is nothing without the technical ability and resources that are necessary to back it up with a real end product… but by the same token, if a piece of jewellery has been created with the most virtuoso technical skill but bereft of passion, this is likely to be all too apparent to those that wear the final jewellery pieces. That’s why, from the very first day Marco Bicego began to design and make jewellery, he made sure that the pieces that he did create were reflective of the passions of both himself and his various collaborators.

One only first need consider Marco Bicego, the man, to see that he has the right balance when it comes to his approach to life, and this is something that is reflected in the comfortable relationship between pragmatism and passion in his jewellery pieces. As a man who is as committed to his free time as to his work, Marco Bicego is as soulful an artist as he is hard-nosed and dynamic a businessman. He knows, then, how to look to such disparate subject areas as travel and nature for inspiration in the design of his pieces, all the while keeping his eye firmly on successfully tying these elements together into a commercially successful line of jewellery.

Passions in the ‘real thing’

Do you need any more evidence of this? Well, why not take a look at some of the specific Marco Bicego collections that are being marketed at the moment, to see how exactly these passions have been realised in the ‘real thing’? Marco Bicego has long believed in creating jewellery pieces that are representative of the very highest standards of everyday luxury, and irrespective of the exact Marco Bicego collection, he has looked to mark the brand out from the competition via the use of certain trademarks, such as various engraving techniques and “coils”.

That is not to suggest, however, that the artistic inspiration does not continue to manifest in many forms as one browses the various individual Marco Bicego collections. Take the example of the Confetti Gemme collection, in which the emphasis is very much on a certain femininity, youth and elegance. This is achieved via the use of luminous semi-precious stones, such as amethyst, lemon citrine and peridot, all of which are exclusively shaped for Marco Bicego into extremely smooth “Tumble” cuts.

Marco Bicego – the Confetti Oro collection

Also incredibly timeless and elegant are the pieces of the Confetti Oro collection, while the Confetti Isola collection can be deemed to feature the most exclusive and precious pieces of all of those in the wider Confetti range. Again, while one can hardly doubt the amazing technical accomplishments that make the pieces in this collection so beautiful and vibrant to behold, there’s also no doubt that in its creation of these sculptural items, Marco Bicego has been firmly inspired by the organic shapes of nature.

With such other celebrated Marco Bicego collections as Goa, Jaipur and Marrakech that are also so inspired by such a wide range of places and things, there’s no question that Marco Bicego continues to place artistic inspiration at the forefront of everything that it does.

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