Slimming Fashions to Hide Weight Gain

Have you put on a few pounds over the holidays? Don’t worry, you are not alone. A lot of times people gain weight during this time of year. It is difficult to stick to a diet when everyone you know is cooking delicious foods and trying to force you to consume them. Well maybe force is not really necessary, but the point is that the holiday season’s delicious foods are hard to resist.
Now that the holidays have passed, you might consider thinking of some ways to camouflage the pounds you put on consuming those delicious holiday foods. They were certainly worth the weight gain, but until you can shed them again you should consider hiding them with a little clothing magic. That’s the great thing about clothes. With a little strategic placement of clothing and simply pretend you are thinner than you are. Here are some items you can add to your wardrobe for the times when your weight fluctuates a couple of pounds.
A drape neck cardigan works for most people’s frames because the wide neck covers any areas that have grown a little over the holidays. It is like an optical illusion because the loose body conceals your torso while the slim cut of the arms makes it look like you’re slim all over. Brilliant!
Backpacks are really hip this year. Remember in the 90s when everyone and their grandma had backpacks? Well, they are back. You can wear a backpack on your back to hide back fat. Who know, right? You also get a benefit of better posture because backpacks make you stand up straighter by forcing you to pull your shoulders back. And everyone knows that when you stand up straighter, you look thinner.
Shirts or dresses that are fitted at the waist with ruching are great at hiding a couple of extra pounds weight gain. Ruching is an ultra-feminine way to conceal weight gain around the waist. Since the ruching at the waist is slimming you don’t necessarily have to wear a dark color so feel free to pick a fun, bright color.
A long necklace with a pendant can be added to streamline your outfit. It draws the eyes down and tricks the mind of viewers into thinking that the wearer is long and lean.
As for shoes to wear to hide a couple pounds of weight gain, consider getting some slouchy boots. These are the boots that are made to look like they have fallen down around your calves or ankles. Have you ever put on a pair of boots and had them fall down because your calves were too small to hold them up? This is the same principle except the boots are designed to look that way.
These are a few tips you can use anytime you put one a couple of pound. Now you don’t have to worry about everyone noticing your weight gain because it will be hard to notice with these tricks.
Bio: Nirra is a teacher, freelance writer, and blogger. She writes about a variety of topics including women’s clothes, or mode femme élégante. You can find her on her blog, Mystery Shopping Teacher.

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