The Growth of Elvis Jesus

Elvis Jesus was established in 1997, designing alternative fashion that reflected a rock and roll culture on the principles of Kinky Friedman and Hunter S Thomson. The brand immediately established a following and a fan base, reflecting as it did, a subculture that still existed but which had become disjointed from the mainstay of the fashion and even the music industry. Rock and roll achieved its apex in the last generation of music and it is this time and this fashion that the brand reflects. Combining retro music tastes with cutting edge styles and fashion the brand has come to epitomise an alternative ethos and look in society. The brand emerges from a clash of opposites and the designs reflect this; the style and the culture reflect the re-emergence of the anti-hero as an icon and a style. In just a short space of time, EJ has come to be recognised and well respected by the industry and now takes a leading spot in the indie fashion and design world.

The look and the trend that EJ has both established and rejuvenated has gained a huge amount of praise in the time it has been on the catwalks. The style has achieved a predominance in its industry mostly because it doesn’t have any strong competitors who combine the high level of styling and fashion applied, the history and message and the quality of the goods produced. Elvis Jesus reflects an alternative culture and allows its fans to express this in their styles. The high quality of the goods however, with hand crafted couture detailing, brings quality couture to a section of design that had often just relied on casual effects to create a casual style. Nowadays the seasonal output from the designer is eagerly anticipated, offering as it does, an alternative form of artistry in an industry that rarely lets in the alternative or sub-cultural sector. Elvis Jesus is a brand which is constantly building it’s reputation within both men’s designer fashion and in women’s designer fashion with it’s ever expanding lines for both respective catagories.

Elvis Jesus has been widely recognised by their peers as well as leading industry experts in the years since the brand’s inception. The brand has received widespread praise from the style press in Europe and the UK and some of the fashion industry’s leading voices, from Vogue to iD have embraced the brand. Top writers, stylists and photographers in the industry have documented the designer and many watch Elvis Jesus every season, eagerly awaiting to see their latest output. The brand has also been well received by some recognised style icons and celebrities and is also stocked in some of Europe’s leading fashion emporiums, from Harvey Nichols to Selfridges. EJ is also widely stocked by independent boutiques that recognise that this is one of the most up and coming brands in the sector as well as one to watch in the coming years. EJ is not only recognised by industry experts but also by fans of the brand, who recognise and promote the predominance of this alternative style by buying and wearing the brand with a dedication that reflects the individualism of the followers.

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