Christopher Wharton Jewellery Designs

Whether you’re on the lookout for a necklace or bracelet, or perhaps some earrings or an engagement ring, it’s understandable that when the time comes for you to shop for designer jewellery, you’ll be interested in finding something that reflects a certain prestige and high level of craftsmanship. Of course, the exact materials that are used are influential in determining the extent to which designer jewellery reflects these qualities, but holding the greatest amount of sway is, of course, the jewellery design itself.

This is where the high unique designer jewellery designs of Christopher Wharton come in. Wharton is a big name in the designer fashion business. Wharton has dedicated his life to the design of fine designer jewellery and watches, his artistic talent having been spotted by his father – a well-known St. Albans watchmaker – from an early age. In response, Wharton was quickly placed in a five-year apprenticeship with a highly rated London designer, which resulted in him gaining the knowledge and quality standard that would inform and provide the basis for his business.

Nonetheless, the real inspiration for the wide range of innovative designer jewellery designs that Wharton produces come purely from within himself – and what designer jewellery it is! Wharton takes pride in creating designs of designer jewellery that combine both modern and traditional elements, with the end result being designer jewellery that looks fresh and interesting whilst never forgetting the reasons why traditional standards are exactly that.

Indeed, the designs of Christopher Wharton branded designer jewellery that are available to purchase include the Platinum Three Stone Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring. This ring is set with three Radiant cut diamonds that have been selected for quality and then specifically cut for this design of ring, all of which makes it the potentially perfect choice of ring to present to your beloved. Or what about, elsewhere in the ring range of Christopher Wharton, such eye-catching designer jewellery designs as the Platinum Tanzanite and Trillion Cut Diamond Ring, which is set with AAAA+ grade Tanzanite in addition to featuring trillion cut diamonds set on either side?

The range of designer jewellery that has been designed by Christopher Wharton also includes earrings, of course, such as the 18ct White Gold Princess and Brilliant Cut Diamond Drop Earrings, which are set with an enchanting combination of round brilliant and princess cut diamonds. Also available are the coloured 18ct White Gold Multi Coloured Sapphire and Diamond Earrings, which combine pink, yellow, green, violet and natural sapphires with pear shaped diamonds within the most appealing white gold. Some of these pieces have now become fashion essentials.

Alternatively, you may be more interested in such designer jewellery as that of Christopher Wharton’s necklaces range, which includes the 18ct White Gold Tanzanite and Brilliant Cut Diamond Pedant and a similar Aquamarine and Diamond Pedant.  Finally, Christopher Wharton is also behind a range of bracelets and bangles that include the 18ct White Gold Pave’ set Brilliant Cut Diamond Bracelet.

Remember, too, that every design of designer jewellery that Christopher Wharton makes is handmade by his own highly skilled master goldsmiths. It means that you really can be assured of the very finest quality designer jewellery in every way from Christopher Wharton and that is why his named is well known in luxury fashion industry.

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