The Difference is Religions Designs

Religion Clothing is a fashion label that, having started out screen printing T-shirts, has gone on to win a great amount of admiration for its unique designs that cover the latest and greatest in both men’s and women’s fashions – from shirts and pants to cardigans and dresses. The fashions of Religion Clothing are known for such signatures as washed out graphics, destroyed fabrics and cut out styles, which add up to create the most distinctive distressed garments. But what is it that inspires such designs that have led Religion Clothing to become so popular with such a wide range of young fashionistas?

Well, the short answer is: music. That’s right – the distinctive style of Religion Clothing is informed by all things sound. Or more specifically, it’s the music of the early 1990s, when Religion Clothing was first established, that holds sway amongst the label’s design influences – the chemically inspired music of early club culture. Now, that might not seem too encouraging at first to newcomers to the Religion Clothing brand, given the frequently disastrous relationships between fashion and music in the past.

However, Religion Clothing is different. That’s because it offers truly fresh music-inspired fashions that are far from indebted to the usual clich├ęs. It means that you can, for example, invest in a shirt or pair of pants that are firmly inspired by Punk Rock, but that don’t give the impression that you’re indulging your inner petulant child. Another influence on the fashions of Religion Clothing is Seattle Grunge, but again, there’s no morbid self-fixation to be perceived, as might be the case with other fashion labels to claim such influences.

The reality is that Religion Clothing combines modern sophistication with a Rock and Roll core, respecting and integrating the influences of music without compromising its own identity and originality which can be seen in it’s range of designer jeans. And of course, it’s not just music that influences the designs of Religion Clothing. That’s because, in addition to musical muses and lyrical quotes, Religion Clothing has also created collections that are heavily influenced by British heritage. The brand has an unmistakable signature that has been shaped by such influences as London’s East End and international street culture.

Religion Clothing has collaborated with many other firms in the formation of its distinctive designs, including DC Comics, Smiley and Warner Bros, in addition to some of Europe’s major clubs and DJs such as Ministry of Sound, Space and Ibiza Rocks. With so many influences feeding into a highly innovative design strategy, Religion Clothing can also lay claim to plenty of avid celebrity followers, including Kate Moss, Paris Hilton, Agyness Deyn, Kylie Minogue and Girls Aloud.

Religion Clothing takes pride in offering discerning fashionistas an alternative path to that offered by the mainstream fashion labels, helping each individual to achieve a unique look. And with the company having recently opened its first standalone stores in Shoreditch and Brick Lane in London, it’s now even easier to get up close and personal with Religion Clothing – including its fashions and the many influences that feed into them.

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