Clothes for Tall Women

It is critical for tall men and women to pick the right style and type of clothes than the shorter people whose collection of clothes is larger and is able to fit the different body types. The positives of being tall can be accentuated by the clothing that one chooses though there are guidelines that need to be followed. Most of the stores usually target the people of average height which is the largest market in the clothing industry. However, today there are online stores; retail and high end street stores that specialize in the clothes for tall people.

These stores give the tall people a wide selection of clothing that is appropriate for their height. The style of clothing that suits the tall women usually varies from one person to the next. The factors that influence the style usually include skin tone, body shape, culture, gender and age. The vertical stripes should be avoided as they tend to magnify the height. Even when tall women fill that they do not fit the norm, there are sales people that have had experience with other tall women and will be able to offer the appropriate advice on the choice of clothes that you make.

Tall women have no excuse for not looking good as there are now many different designs available in the market for tall people even the big ones. Sloppy dressing gives people a wrong image about who you are. What one wears is very important as it one of the ways to bring out ones confidence and style. First impression really count and the general outward appearance create the greatest impact of this encounter. One may not generally tell the difference between the different types of clothing for the tall people, but they will definitely differentiate between the sloppy and the neat.

When searching clothes for tall women it should not be a gamble as one will waste money on clothes that are not suitable for their figure. Printed clothing with wild bright prints should be avoided by the tall women. Wearing a different coloured top from the bottom will help break the height. The idea is to choose clothes that have both dark and light colours. A woman who is tall will look appealing and attractive with wide belts as it makes their torso look shorter. The belt will help in defining the waist of the tall woman so as not to appear as a huge mass.

Trousers with cuffs at the bottom make the tall woman appear shorter than they really are. In addition, clothes that end at the ankle need to be avoided as they accentuate their height. The elongated look will be reduced by shin dresses and skirts. The tops need to be longer than what they wear below to make them look shorter. In addition, whatever the outfit it should not be too tight or too loose. Flat shoes will help to avoid adding height to the tall frame. As smart shoppers they need to be aware of the clothes that will suit their figures and height to be able highlight the best qualities of their bodies.

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The Poncho – The Must Have Item This Summer

The white poncho is a great fashion product to find. It is a kind of fashion that is being found on people in many major events because of the many benefits that it has to offer. It’s a kind of fashion item that is not only impressive but also easy to wear without any hassles coming out of it.

This kind of fashion item has been found at all sorts of major festivals this year including the Electric Daisy Carnival, Orion Music Festival, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo and the Pitchfork Music Festival. This is a product that allows anyone to enjoy a great festival and look appealing when doing so.

The reasons for this are great to see. The white poncho is made to create a beautiful appearance that does not attract heat or anything else that might add pressure to the body. Also, the white poncho does not feature any dark colours that might make heat worse.

This fashion product is also very light in weight. This comes from the light fabric that is used here. It’s particularly needed for outdoor festivals where the temperature can be very hot in the middle parts of the day.

The poncho is made to cover the entire top. It is used with a strong fabric that is light in weight and is capable of going over the body without limiting its motion. It also works well with many bottoms.

The design of a white poncho can made with a beautiful sheer fabric. This may come with a nylon material. It can be made to be beautiful and may include a smooth finish that is not too heavy or difficult to work with.

The length of the fringe may be relatively long. It could be made to go about two or three feet from the shoulder. It may also have a fringe that is about three to four inches in size. It makes for a fabric that is good to wear at a big festival without being too unwieldy or hard to wear.

The patterns that come on a poncho like this can vary. It can include a series of embroidered materials. It could also have some nice looking trims at the bottom with a series of small threads that add to what comes with the fabric. It’s a nice feature for anyone to see.

The symmetrical design that comes with the poncho also makes for a good fabric. It can be made with a nice appearance that is curved and slanted to create a special design.

There’s even the way how this fabric could be arranged with several different looks. It can come with a variety of options ranging from one that covers only one shoulder to a design that covers only one arm and leaves the other arm exposed. The designs to find for a white poncho can vary but should be made to create some interesting looks.

The choices that people can get when finding great fashions for festivals are varied. A white poncho should be something that anyone strongly considers getting when finding such an appealing fabric to wear at a festival or other big event in the summer.

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What’s Hot Now: Spring and Summer Clothing Trends

Now that spring is here and summer is right around the corner, you will be getting ready for warmer weather. Throw off that winter coat! Now is the time to get your body ready for summer shorts, skirts, and bathing suits. Many trends are about color for spring and summer. Everyone has their favorite classic items of clothing that never go out of style. If you are a fan of wearing the newest trends as well, read on to find out what you will need to add to your wardrobe to be on trend for spring and the upcoming summer season.

The “it” Color

Orange will be the “it” color. If you haven’t seen this yet, you can bet that it will begin to crop up in fashion everywhere. From handbags to nail polish to tops and bottoms, orange will be the color of choice. Just don’t go all matchy matchy and don an orange handbag, nail polish, blouse, and pants at the same time. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. There are a variety of different shades of orange so you can surely find a shade that is complementary to your skin tone.

Bold Printed Clothing

This fashion element is not for the faint of heart. If you are the type who likes to fade into the background with your fashion, move on to the next trend. Bold prints come in a variety of different styles. There might be bold animal prints like prints inspired by birds, or there might even be some digital computerized designs. Whatever the pattern you can expect it to be one that grabs everyone’s attention within seconds of entering a room.

Bold Colors

If you are not a huge fan of bold patterns, maybe you might be more interested in going bold with color instead. This trend is a continuation of the trend from last summer. If you missed out the first time around, you have the chance to give this trend a try. The great thing about color blocking is it can be very slimming. Looking slimmer is always a good thing.

Pastel Shades

Pastel colors are very much a part of spring time. Think about Easter and all of the pastel colors associated with that. When you consider buying clothing that is in this trend, make sure you don’t go for anything that will look juvenile as pastel is a color that is often associated with babies. Instead go for modern, sophisticated looks that are all grown up.

For a glam look this summer and spring, consider going for a retro look. Clothing that is inspired by the 20s like Gatsby dresses and flapper dresses make a return to popularity. If you have always wanted to wear this type of clothing without feeling out of style, now is your chance. This look is back on the runways in a big way so have some fun and embrace fashion’s history.

Nirra is a teacher, wife, and mother who writes about many different topics including beads. She also has a blog called Mystery Shopping Teacher.

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The Inspirations that Feed into the Current Range of Marco Bicego Jewellery

As all goldsmiths are fully aware, inspiration is nothing without the technical ability and resources that are necessary to back it up with a real end product… but by the same token, if a piece of jewellery has been created with the most virtuoso technical skill but bereft of passion, this is likely to be all too apparent to those that wear the final jewellery pieces. That’s why, from the very first day Marco Bicego began to design and make jewellery, he made sure that the pieces that he did create were reflective of the passions of both himself and his various collaborators.

One only first need consider Marco Bicego, the man, to see that he has the right balance when it comes to his approach to life, and this is something that is reflected in the comfortable relationship between pragmatism and passion in his jewellery pieces. As a man who is as committed to his free time as to his work, Marco Bicego is as soulful an artist as he is hard-nosed and dynamic a businessman. He knows, then, how to look to such disparate subject areas as travel and nature for inspiration in the design of his pieces, all the while keeping his eye firmly on successfully tying these elements together into a commercially successful line of jewellery.

Passions in the ‘real thing’

Do you need any more evidence of this? Well, why not take a look at some of the specific Marco Bicego collections that are being marketed at the moment, to see how exactly these passions have been realised in the ‘real thing’? Marco Bicego has long believed in creating jewellery pieces that are representative of the very highest standards of everyday luxury, and irrespective of the exact Marco Bicego collection, he has looked to mark the brand out from the competition via the use of certain trademarks, such as various engraving techniques and “coils”.

That is not to suggest, however, that the artistic inspiration does not continue to manifest in many forms as one browses the various individual Marco Bicego collections. Take the example of the Confetti Gemme collection, in which the emphasis is very much on a certain femininity, youth and elegance. This is achieved via the use of luminous semi-precious stones, such as amethyst, lemon citrine and peridot, all of which are exclusively shaped for Marco Bicego into extremely smooth “Tumble” cuts.

Marco Bicego – the Confetti Oro collection

Also incredibly timeless and elegant are the pieces of the Confetti Oro collection, while the Confetti Isola collection can be deemed to feature the most exclusive and precious pieces of all of those in the wider Confetti range. Again, while one can hardly doubt the amazing technical accomplishments that make the pieces in this collection so beautiful and vibrant to behold, there’s also no doubt that in its creation of these sculptural items, Marco Bicego has been firmly inspired by the organic shapes of nature.

With such other celebrated Marco Bicego collections as Goa, Jaipur and Marrakech that are also so inspired by such a wide range of places and things, there’s no question that Marco Bicego continues to place artistic inspiration at the forefront of everything that it does.

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Slimming Fashions to Hide Weight Gain

Have you put on a few pounds over the holidays? Don’t worry, you are not alone. A lot of times people gain weight during this time of year. It is difficult to stick to a diet when everyone you know is cooking delicious foods and trying to force you to consume them. Well maybe force is not really necessary, but the point is that the holiday season’s delicious foods are hard to resist.
Now that the holidays have passed, you might consider thinking of some ways to camouflage the pounds you put on consuming those delicious holiday foods. They were certainly worth the weight gain, but until you can shed them again you should consider hiding them with a little clothing magic. That’s the great thing about clothes. With a little strategic placement of clothing and simply pretend you are thinner than you are. Here are some items you can add to your wardrobe for the times when your weight fluctuates a couple of pounds.
A drape neck cardigan works for most people’s frames because the wide neck covers any areas that have grown a little over the holidays. It is like an optical illusion because the loose body conceals your torso while the slim cut of the arms makes it look like you’re slim all over. Brilliant!
Backpacks are really hip this year. Remember in the 90s when everyone and their grandma had backpacks? Well, they are back. You can wear a backpack on your back to hide back fat. Who know, right? You also get a benefit of better posture because backpacks make you stand up straighter by forcing you to pull your shoulders back. And everyone knows that when you stand up straighter, you look thinner.
Shirts or dresses that are fitted at the waist with ruching are great at hiding a couple of extra pounds weight gain. Ruching is an ultra-feminine way to conceal weight gain around the waist. Since the ruching at the waist is slimming you don’t necessarily have to wear a dark color so feel free to pick a fun, bright color.
A long necklace with a pendant can be added to streamline your outfit. It draws the eyes down and tricks the mind of viewers into thinking that the wearer is long and lean.
As for shoes to wear to hide a couple pounds of weight gain, consider getting some slouchy boots. These are the boots that are made to look like they have fallen down around your calves or ankles. Have you ever put on a pair of boots and had them fall down because your calves were too small to hold them up? This is the same principle except the boots are designed to look that way.
These are a few tips you can use anytime you put one a couple of pound. Now you don’t have to worry about everyone noticing your weight gain because it will be hard to notice with these tricks.
Bio: Nirra is a teacher, freelance writer, and blogger. She writes about a variety of topics including women’s clothes, or mode femme élégante. You can find her on her blog, Mystery Shopping Teacher.

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The History of Dynasty

Dynasty can trace its history back to 1998, when it was established by the brothers Bhavin & Hiten Shah – whose parents had spent more than four decades in the designer fashion industry. Making the most of the knowledge about the profession that they’d been handed down, the pair got to work with creating an occasion-wear label that that has gone on to sell to the finest UK, Irish and European boutiques.

During the first stage of its evolution, Dynasty Clothing concentrated solely on the supply of well-designed evening and cocktail-wear – which it did for some eight years. This is the original Dynasty label, which continues today with its emphasis on the middle to upper end of the market. The success of this original specialism, however, led the company to add four more labels to its portfolio.

These labels are:

Annika, which is a label that offers timelessly elegant occasion-wear, for the day and night and for a range of circumstances ranging from the races and executive work parties to mother of the bride. This label generally uses fabrics that are exclusive silks and velours printed with designs that have been especially selected for them.

Yasmin: this arm of the company can actually trace its history back to the original Dynasty label, but now operates as a brand of its own. It specialises in fashionable and sexy – but affordable – prom wear for University graduates and school leavers, with man-made fabrics such as satins and taffetas frequently been used in order to keep prices down.

Dynasty Bridal, which makes use of the most gorgeous fabrics and embellishments to produce a range of exquisite bridal gowns. As with Dynasty’s other brands, however, Dynasty Bridal also places a strong emphasis on affordability, ensuring that whatever your requirements, you can have the perfect dress ready for the big day.

Viviana: this is Dynasty’s newest brand, with a focus on high-end occasion and evening-wear for the more curvaceous figure. Covering sizes 14 to 28, the label lives up to its name – meaning one that is vivacious and full of life – with the design and creation of the perfect plus size fashions, under the leadership of an industry expert with more than two decades of success with other plus size brands.

To this day, Dynasty is continually keeping its eye on the latest trends from the catwalks of Europe, making use of luxurious fabrics such as velvets, silks, leathers and suedes in the creation of sexy and fashionable occasion wear for the confident woman.

Recent successes include the wearing of Dynasty costumes by the likes of Miss Universe Great Britain Chloe-Beth Morgan, Lydia Bright from The Only Way Is Essex and Jocelyn Brown from ITV1′s Popstars to Operastars.

Other recent accolades to fall Dynasty’s way include being ranked in the top 5 best-selling evening dress brands of the week in the Drapers Occasionwear Special on 6th May 2011, whilst the firm also continues to make regular appearances at trade shows across the UK and Europe, flaunting its latest seasonal collections.

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Christopher Wharton Jewellery Designs

Whether you’re on the lookout for a necklace or bracelet, or perhaps some earrings or an engagement ring, it’s understandable that when the time comes for you to shop for designer jewellery, you’ll be interested in finding something that reflects a certain prestige and high level of craftsmanship. Of course, the exact materials that are used are influential in determining the extent to which designer jewellery reflects these qualities, but holding the greatest amount of sway is, of course, the jewellery design itself.

This is where the high unique designer jewellery designs of Christopher Wharton come in. Wharton is a big name in the designer fashion business. Wharton has dedicated his life to the design of fine designer jewellery and watches, his artistic talent having been spotted by his father – a well-known St. Albans watchmaker – from an early age. In response, Wharton was quickly placed in a five-year apprenticeship with a highly rated London designer, which resulted in him gaining the knowledge and quality standard that would inform and provide the basis for his business.

Nonetheless, the real inspiration for the wide range of innovative designer jewellery designs that Wharton produces come purely from within himself – and what designer jewellery it is! Wharton takes pride in creating designs of designer jewellery that combine both modern and traditional elements, with the end result being designer jewellery that looks fresh and interesting whilst never forgetting the reasons why traditional standards are exactly that.

Indeed, the designs of Christopher Wharton branded designer jewellery that are available to purchase include the Platinum Three Stone Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring. This ring is set with three Radiant cut diamonds that have been selected for quality and then specifically cut for this design of ring, all of which makes it the potentially perfect choice of ring to present to your beloved. Or what about, elsewhere in the ring range of Christopher Wharton, such eye-catching designer jewellery designs as the Platinum Tanzanite and Trillion Cut Diamond Ring, which is set with AAAA+ grade Tanzanite in addition to featuring trillion cut diamonds set on either side?

The range of designer jewellery that has been designed by Christopher Wharton also includes earrings, of course, such as the 18ct White Gold Princess and Brilliant Cut Diamond Drop Earrings, which are set with an enchanting combination of round brilliant and princess cut diamonds. Also available are the coloured 18ct White Gold Multi Coloured Sapphire and Diamond Earrings, which combine pink, yellow, green, violet and natural sapphires with pear shaped diamonds within the most appealing white gold. Some of these pieces have now become fashion essentials.

Alternatively, you may be more interested in such designer jewellery as that of Christopher Wharton’s necklaces range, which includes the 18ct White Gold Tanzanite and Brilliant Cut Diamond Pedant and a similar Aquamarine and Diamond Pedant.  Finally, Christopher Wharton is also behind a range of bracelets and bangles that include the 18ct White Gold Pave’ set Brilliant Cut Diamond Bracelet.

Remember, too, that every design of designer jewellery that Christopher Wharton makes is handmade by his own highly skilled master goldsmiths. It means that you really can be assured of the very finest quality designer jewellery in every way from Christopher Wharton and that is why his named is well known in luxury fashion industry.

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Ralph Lauren: The Biggest Name in Fashion

Today, Polo Ralph Lauren – or Ralph Lauren Corporation – is one of the biggest names in the world of luxury clothing and goods, providing stockists across the planet with the finest in high-end men’s and women’s casual and semi-formal clothing. Polo Ralph Lauren, which is headquartered in Midtown Manhattan in New York City, also specialises in fragrances, accessories, bedding and towels, and as one of the largest retailers in the United States, having recorded revenues of $4.2 billion in 2007.

But what of the man who founded his eponymous firm, Ralph Lauren? How did the company that bore his name come to enjoy the success in the fashion field that it did?

Ralph Lauren himself, who was born Ralph Lifshitz, founded the Polo Ralph Lauren brand in 1967 with his introduction of a line of men’s ties, which he funded with a $50,000 loan. Before the end of the decade, he had complemented this with a boutique store in the Manhattan department store, Bloomingdales. It was at around this time that Ralph Lauren was also behind the release of a line of women’s suits that featured tailoring in a classic men’s style. On the cuff of the women’s suit was a Polo emblem, which marked the emergence of the Polo Ralph Lauren name.

Polo Ralph Lauren gained its first stand-alone store, in Beverly Hills in California, in 1971, which was around the same time that it also released its first women’s collection. A decade later, Polo Ralph Lauren finally gained a global presence with the opening of its first overseas store on Bond Street in London. In 1997, Polo Ralph Lauren went public, and by 2007 it could lay claim to more than 35 boutiques in the United States. With the popularisation of the World Wide Web in the later 1990s, Polo Ralph Lauren set up its first website and online shop,, in 2000. The Polo Ralph Lauren website has since been relaunched as

By 2009, there were some 163 full-price and 163 outlet/factory Polo Ralph Lauren stores being operated throughout the world, either by Polo Ralph Lauren itself or its licensing partners. The most significant Polo Ralph Lauren stores are situated in East Hampton, Chicago, Miami, Palm Beach, Tokyo, London and Milan, with the flagship store being located on New York City’s Madison Avenue.

The Polo Ralph Lauren name continues to go from strength to strength in the world of fashion, with a series of offshoot brands having been developed over the years. These include men’s lines such as Purple Label, Blue Label, Black Label, Polo Denim and Polo Golf, in addition to women’s lines such as Collection, Lauren by Ralph Lauren and Lauren Jeans Co. Ralph Lauren is always looking to increase his position within both men’s and women’s fashion.

Another key part of the success of Polo Ralph Lauren has been in its sports sponsorships, with the company redesigning the outfits of line and court judges and ball boys and girls in its role as the Official Outfitter of Wimbledon in 2006. Polo Ralph Lauren has also previously been the official apparel sponsor of the US Open, and has sponsored US professional golfers such as Jonathan Byrd, Luke Donald and Tom Watson, further underlining the continued preeminence of Polo Ralph Lauren as one of the biggest designer labels in fashion.

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The Growth of Elvis Jesus

Elvis Jesus was established in 1997, designing alternative fashion that reflected a rock and roll culture on the principles of Kinky Friedman and Hunter S Thomson. The brand immediately established a following and a fan base, reflecting as it did, a subculture that still existed but which had become disjointed from the mainstay of the fashion and even the music industry. Rock and roll achieved its apex in the last generation of music and it is this time and this fashion that the brand reflects. Combining retro music tastes with cutting edge styles and fashion the brand has come to epitomise an alternative ethos and look in society. The brand emerges from a clash of opposites and the designs reflect this; the style and the culture reflect the re-emergence of the anti-hero as an icon and a style. In just a short space of time, EJ has come to be recognised and well respected by the industry and now takes a leading spot in the indie fashion and design world.

The look and the trend that EJ has both established and rejuvenated has gained a huge amount of praise in the time it has been on the catwalks. The style has achieved a predominance in its industry mostly because it doesn’t have any strong competitors who combine the high level of styling and fashion applied, the history and message and the quality of the goods produced. Elvis Jesus reflects an alternative culture and allows its fans to express this in their styles. The high quality of the goods however, with hand crafted couture detailing, brings quality couture to a section of design that had often just relied on casual effects to create a casual style. Nowadays the seasonal output from the designer is eagerly anticipated, offering as it does, an alternative form of artistry in an industry that rarely lets in the alternative or sub-cultural sector. Elvis Jesus is a brand which is constantly building it’s reputation within both men’s designer fashion and in women’s designer fashion with it’s ever expanding lines for both respective catagories.

Elvis Jesus has been widely recognised by their peers as well as leading industry experts in the years since the brand’s inception. The brand has received widespread praise from the style press in Europe and the UK and some of the fashion industry’s leading voices, from Vogue to iD have embraced the brand. Top writers, stylists and photographers in the industry have documented the designer and many watch Elvis Jesus every season, eagerly awaiting to see their latest output. The brand has also been well received by some recognised style icons and celebrities and is also stocked in some of Europe’s leading fashion emporiums, from Harvey Nichols to Selfridges. EJ is also widely stocked by independent boutiques that recognise that this is one of the most up and coming brands in the sector as well as one to watch in the coming years. EJ is not only recognised by industry experts but also by fans of the brand, who recognise and promote the predominance of this alternative style by buying and wearing the brand with a dedication that reflects the individualism of the followers.

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The Difference is Religions Designs

Religion Clothing is a fashion label that, having started out screen printing T-shirts, has gone on to win a great amount of admiration for its unique designs that cover the latest and greatest in both men’s and women’s fashions – from shirts and pants to cardigans and dresses. The fashions of Religion Clothing are known for such signatures as washed out graphics, destroyed fabrics and cut out styles, which add up to create the most distinctive distressed garments. But what is it that inspires such designs that have led Religion Clothing to become so popular with such a wide range of young fashionistas?

Well, the short answer is: music. That’s right – the distinctive style of Religion Clothing is informed by all things sound. Or more specifically, it’s the music of the early 1990s, when Religion Clothing was first established, that holds sway amongst the label’s design influences – the chemically inspired music of early club culture. Now, that might not seem too encouraging at first to newcomers to the Religion Clothing brand, given the frequently disastrous relationships between fashion and music in the past.

However, Religion Clothing is different. That’s because it offers truly fresh music-inspired fashions that are far from indebted to the usual clichés. It means that you can, for example, invest in a shirt or pair of pants that are firmly inspired by Punk Rock, but that don’t give the impression that you’re indulging your inner petulant child. Another influence on the fashions of Religion Clothing is Seattle Grunge, but again, there’s no morbid self-fixation to be perceived, as might be the case with other fashion labels to claim such influences.

The reality is that Religion Clothing combines modern sophistication with a Rock and Roll core, respecting and integrating the influences of music without compromising its own identity and originality which can be seen in it’s range of designer jeans. And of course, it’s not just music that influences the designs of Religion Clothing. That’s because, in addition to musical muses and lyrical quotes, Religion Clothing has also created collections that are heavily influenced by British heritage. The brand has an unmistakable signature that has been shaped by such influences as London’s East End and international street culture.

Religion Clothing has collaborated with many other firms in the formation of its distinctive designs, including DC Comics, Smiley and Warner Bros, in addition to some of Europe’s major clubs and DJs such as Ministry of Sound, Space and Ibiza Rocks. With so many influences feeding into a highly innovative design strategy, Religion Clothing can also lay claim to plenty of avid celebrity followers, including Kate Moss, Paris Hilton, Agyness Deyn, Kylie Minogue and Girls Aloud.

Religion Clothing takes pride in offering discerning fashionistas an alternative path to that offered by the mainstream fashion labels, helping each individual to achieve a unique look. And with the company having recently opened its first standalone stores in Shoreditch and Brick Lane in London, it’s now even easier to get up close and personal with Religion Clothing – including its fashions and the many influences that feed into them.

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